Real estate in Bulgaria

We are being entrusted by several property owners to represent them by the divestiture of some of their assets. In addition, some urban developers request that we offer, on their behalf, parts of their projects for sale. Hence, while this is not our mainstream activity, we are happy to oblige, in service to our clients, by offering a variety of property items. Listed below are samples from various types of property for sale, distinct development projects, and representative locations. Please contact us for more information, should you like what you see.


Our Company excels in brokering partnerships, whether for joint ownership, business purposes, JV’s, resource exploitation or joint research projects.

We have specialized in the creation of partnerships for joint European R&D projects, and therefore we offer invaluable experience, especially in your search for partners in a potential consortium as required for such EU-sponsored contracts (e.g. for the FP7 program currently). Dukaty Ltd. can identify for you the best matching partner in Bulgaria for your project. If and when desired, we can also assume the task of the coordinator for such joint European research projects.


We offer also a variety of other brokering services. For example, if your Company is in a need to select a local or regional Sales Representative based in Bulgaria, Dukaty Ltd. is your best choice to conduct the search for you. Try us !


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