Managers of Bulgarian companies are being offered guidance and advice on Western practices in conducting business, through short courses in International management, Market economy mechanisms, Investment practices in the global environment, etc.

Start-up business entrepreneurs

Hopeful new businesses (co-) founders in Bulgaria can get assistance by Dukaty Ltd., should they so desire, in terms of their Business Plans preparation. We offer: (i) independent business evaluation, (ii) optimized Business Plan creation, (iii) Market research, as required.

Sales and Marketing professionals

We offer trainings in International Sales and Marketing for Bulgarian individuals, in the English language.

EU sponsored projects build up

For young and start up SME’s in Bulgaria our Company offers coaching in terms of build up to joint European (research) projects: from partner finding to consortium building to application filing up to, and including, project coordination.

Intellectual Property

Dukaty Ltd. is the specialist in assisting your patent filing and building your IP portfolio. Moreover, we offer advice as to identifying and establishing the most appropriate for you and your activities IP strategy, mid- to long term.


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Multiple sanctuaries still preserve patches

of the once famous Sylva Magna Bulgarica

Erosion sculptured figurines command

admiration and respect of Mother Nature