Midsummer sunrise above the clouds in Pirin Mountain

This 10th century Byzantine basilica adorns the center of Sofia


Foreign companies setting up activities in Bulgaria

Through our extensive experience in both the Western and the Eastern worlds, we are in the unique position of: (i) fully understanding both sides, (ii) being in full command of both the local and most Western languages, (iii) mastering a complete comprehension of the ways to adapt the local expectations to the specific business requirements, and (iv) possessing the ability to ensure that proper measures are taken (and means deployed) by the foreign partner in order to comply with the local regulations.

In other words, Dukaty Ltd. is the best interface there is, for a foreign business seeking to establish operations in Bulgaria.

We excel in finding your match, in case you plan to create a JV and search for: (i) a suitable partner, (ii) an optimal location, and (iii) the best available staff.

Foreign businesses looking for acquisitions in Bulgaria

We are well positioned to: (i) identify a plate of acquisition targets meeting your criteria, (ii) negotiate on your behalf (should you so desire), in order to complete the deal in an expedient manner, and (iii) in the process, we can assist as well by registering for you a local legal entity (if need be).

Foreign businesses looking for low-cost subcontracting or outsourcing

At Dukaty Ltd. we have proven we can find in a most efficient way the subcontractor you would require, so that without compromising the product/service quality you will get that product/service (or intermediate) at the lowest possible cost inclusive of transportation, JIT, and without the risk some other low-cost locations incur on your operations.

Foreign private investors (or funds) looking for acquiring real estate or other property

Currently a few projects for investments into industrial development are under consideration, jointly with partners of ours, for which capital subscriptions will be announced shortly. We believe we hold the key on best ROI in the region and we do challenge anyone to prove us wrong.

Market research

Through its unique position, know-how and capabilities, our Company presents you with the best choice in terms of contractor for market research in your domain of interest.

Contact: consulting@dukaty.com

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