We specialize in publishing books on themes which we believe can be of help to humanity in its strife for a better world. Cognitive subjects predominate in our current list of projects; however, we’d accept to publish any outside proposal that might attract our attention (or catch our imagination) provided we feel fit for the job.

Our identification number as publisher is 954-91584, corresponding to ISBN-10, and respectively 978-954-91584, for ISBN-13.

Manuals, guides and albums

Our areas of expertise and, respectively, our broad interest cover: high tech, history and archaeology, applied physics and chemistry, natural healing and herbal medicine, hydro- and balneotherapy and prophylaxis, languages, ancient maps and books, art and history of art, music and photography.


It is in our plan, on occasion, to publish a limited number of musical CD’s, a matter of our choice and preferences.

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IMPORTANT: As of 2010 we have organized a dedicated website, specialized in distribution and sales of our books.

At  we publish more detailed information about our publications. It is the only Internet site where our books can be ordered and purchased from. By clicking here you will be transferred directly to the home page of our books-dedicated website.


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